Milky Way

In It’s Science Fair Time, Julie Garro speaks about the many different plant and animal species that are in the earth. It is absolutely amazing to think about just how much is on our earth alone: 400,000 different plant species; about 50,000 different animal species; and approximately 107 billion different people have all lived on the earth at one time or another during our history.

Whenever you look up into the night sky, there are so many stars that we cannot even count them all. This does not even include the many stars all across our universe that we cannot even see with the best telescopes. The largest star that we know of thus far is called UY Scuti; we can fit about 1,708 of our sun inside that star. Considering how large our sun is, the size of UY Scuti is mind boggling.

Then to think that God made all of it with just a word? Just think of it: the whole universe can fit into the palm of His hand, and yet He can be found inside each and every one of His Christian people. How amazing is that?

When you truly grasp just how big our God is – and just how powerful He is – it really encourages you to trust Him. He is so big and powerful that He could wipe us out with a mere thought, and yet He loves us so much that instead God the Father sent His Son to die on a cross for our redemption. Jesus Christ – His Son – willingly came to this earth as a human being to die on a cross, which is the most shameful death in human history, for our redemption. The Holy Ghost dwells within us now, empowering us to lead a Christian lifestyle that is pleasing to God.

Since God was so willing to give us everything that He had – His Son, Himself, and His power – why would we even think that we could not trust Him with our hearts? He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. He knows our faults. He knows our weaknesses. He knows every sin we’ve ever committed. He sees us as we are, and yet He still loves us anyway. He still longs for us to turn to Him, believe in Him, and commit ourselves to Him.

Isn’t that amazing?


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