No matter where you turn on the Internet whether Facebook, a news network, a blogging community, you will hear about transgendered and transabled individuals. I am sure that there are more trans- people out in the world, although a quick and unfruitful Google search did not show anything. Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner even won the Ashe Award for showing courage in his transition.

While I was searching the headlines on TheBlaze, my own personal preference to catch up on the latest news, I happened across an article titled, “Famous Pastor Explains Biblical View on Manhood and Womanhood and Draws a Line on the Transgender Issue: ‘I Would be Lying to Call “he” a “she”.'” According to the article, we can call people whatever name that we are asked to call them, as names are “arbitrary”. We cannot call “he” a “she” or “she” a “he”, because that would be lying.

The example that Pastor Piper gave was that you move into a new neighborhood. Your new neighbor, a big and burly man, visits you at the first opportunity to welcome you into your new community and he introduces himself as Sally. You have no other name for this person except for the name he gave you before continuing on his merry way. Days later, you discover that you and Sally also work at the same location. Not only is he insisting that people call him by the name of Sally, he is also insisting that you use feminine pronouns to address him when you are speaking of him in emails or in everyday conversation.

A friend and I had this same type of conversation when Bruce Jenner revealed what he has done to his own body. She insists that God does not make mistakes, and therefore Caitlyn is exactly as she is supposed to be. God loves Caitlyn and other transgender people, regardless of what they are identifying themselves as or who they are, because He made them the opposite gender and put a female soul in a male body; it was not a mistake, and who are we to judge these poor, maligned souls?

God does not make mistakes. He is perfect. He is almighty. He is just. He is good.

Suffering is not good, therefore He does not cause suffering to occur. He may use suffering to accomplish His purposes in this world and to turn it to good, but He certainly does not cause it. We have caused it, and Satan has caused it, because of the fallen nature of this world (Genesis 3).

God alone owns souls (Ezekiel 18:4), He alone has the power to give life and death (Deuteronomy 32:39), and He alone has the power to destroy those souls (Matthew 10:28). Transgendered, transabled, and other trans- people are suffering in the state that they are in. God would not purposely put a person into the wrong body, knowing that He would purposely be causing them to suffer and fail to obtain the things that He has for them. Satan, who seeks to destroy and to tear people down, loves to cause suffering and pain in everyone’s lives. He has caused these poor individuals to believe a lie: that God is not in control of their destinies, that God has somehow made a mistake, or that God has a malicious sense of humor and simply wants to see what a female would do with a male body. None of these things is true of God; if they were, He would cease to be who He is.

God never intended or willed Caitlyn Jenner to exist. In fact, God doesn’t love Caitlyn at all. Bruce Jenner, being fooled by the tricks of the devil, underwent intense surgery and hormonal therapy to make Caitlyn Jenner himself. Caitlyn was made by man, not by God. How can God love that which He hates? So am I saying that God hates Bruce?

Not in the slightest. God loves Bruce Jenner with all of His heart. God the Father sent His Son to redeem Bruce; Jesus willingly died on a Cross to pay for Bruce’s sin, even the sin that he is now committing against himself and God if only Bruce would turn to Him; the Holy Ghost is at work in peoples’ lives to encourage them to turn from their sin and to turn to God, to teach us more about God, and to convict us of the sin that we commit. God certainly does not hate Bruce, nor any other trans- person, not after everything He has done to ensure that they all have the option of having eternal life. All they need to do, regardless of how far they have gone to disfigure themselves, is to return to God, ask and receive His forgiveness, and begin a new life in grace.


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