In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”

Not everyone has a favorite book while growing up, because reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a child and a teenager, I was the odd one out. I have always loved books, and I have always loved to read. Unlike most people, I have never really gotten into the shows on television, preferring to escape into a completely different world of another person’s creation. Reading a great escape from reality when you just need a break.

My personal favorite book since the age of ten has always been Harry Potter. I know, I know. “You’re a Christian! You’re not supposed to read Harry Potter! That’s about witchcraft, and that’s against the Bible!”

Yes. Practicing witchcraft is against God and the Bible. Yes. As Christians, we are not supposed to practice witchcraft. As a friend of mine told me as we discussed this very subject: realize that everything we read in books or see on television has a hidden agenda to it. Acknowledge that fact, work on your relationship with God, and make sure that you are strong enough in your faith that you will not succumb to the temptation to do wrong. As for what you should or should not read, that is your own prerogative.

As much as I enjoy escaping into the school of Hogwarts and the magical community through the Harry Potter series, it has not had the profound effect of changing my life. No book has, no matter how often I read it. In fact, it is impossible for a simple book to cause your ideas or morals to change. Impossible for all books, that is, except for one.

The Christian Bible is the exception to this rule. Sure, you can read it and see no change take place in your life or in your thoughts. That’s because a life changing walk with God takes more than simply reading the Bible; it takes reading the principles that God offers and requires of us and actually applying them to our lives.

Over the years, I have collected many Bibles from many sources. Most of them have been gifts from family members or friends. In fact, I have only bought three Bibles: my personal devotional Bible that I am currently using, a King James Bible for my brother, and a Spiritual Warfare Bible (which I have stopped reading, because I disagree with the compiler’s viewpoints on how to wage spiritual warfare in our lives).

Time and time again, God has been there for me when I have been in need of Him. He has met where I am with His Word. The concordance has just about every issue that man faces and gives us the way to live our lives abundantly. Sure, it might take time to see our problems shift and change for the better, but it also takes time to see your body change and become healthier through right eating and exercise.

There is no quick fix to our lives and our problems, but if you give God a try and give Him the benefit of the doubt He will always pull through for you. Take time every day to read the Bible, and then I challenge you throughout this next week to actually apply what you read to your own life. Watch your life start to change for the better.


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